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Completed Projects


About Love Festival 2019

A festival of short plays.

How I Murdered My Mother

4 Stories 4 Directors

4 short plays by Vancouver writer Gerald Williams. Each play is brought to life by an accomplished local director who has been making their mark on the local theatre scene.

Trever and Margaret

Is it better to love or be loved. Trevor and Margaret each have their point of view. But what we learn about Trevor, where his humour comes from, and what exactly is going on between him and his father Glen, well, all that leaves you to decide: Is it better to love or be loved?

About Love Festival 2018

A festival of short plays.

The Dance Teacher 2018

"An intricate web of truth and lies that makes Gerald William's script so compelling"

Justin Belmar, the main character of The Dance Teacher has been convicted of a crime. He is an utterly charming young man who declares his innocence from inside a jail. We follow the story of Justin from his days in university till the moments before his sentencing. But is he guilty?


Nominated for 2017 Ovation Awards
Best Production, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor Female

“That's just politics, and what does that have to do with us?”
Cabaret singer Sally Bowles performs at the decadent Kit Kat Klub as the Nazi Party quietly takes hold of 1930s Berlin..

5’6” & A Half Inch

5’ 6” And A Half Inch tells the story of Felicia and Nick, a happy, early twenties, married couple. They work enough to get by, they party and hang with their friends Taylor and Glen. Everything in life is good. Then Nick finds out he’s a half-inch taller than he’d thought and questions who he is. He wants to change, leaving Felicia - where?

No big deal

A woman, her boyfriend, and the man who allegedly molested her. Funny, touching, and emotionally compelling as each person describes their experience around the event. From the writer/director of The Dance Teacher, a fringe 2016 favourite, this story asks when is something No Big Deal.

String of Pearls

WIN!!! Community Theatre Coalition Awards 2017​, Significant Achievement, Jennifer Tong, Lucia Forward, Kelly Sheridan and Sarah Seekamp for their versatility in performing characters of various ages and backgrounds with minimal use of costumes, make up or prosthetics

String of Pearls bands together the stories of more than two dozen women, all connected to the titular necklace in some way. The tales between wife and husband, mother and daughter, friends, sisters and more weave a journey through love, loss, desire and destiny. Four actors portray 27 characters telling a story spanning 35 years.

Spring Awakening

Nominated for 2017 Ovation Awards
Best Production, Best Director, Best Choreographer, Best Lead Actor Male, Best Lead Actor Female

Spring Awakening depicts a dozen young people making their way through the thrilling, complicated and mysterious time of sexual awakening.

The Dance Teacher

Justin is a charismatic dance instructor who insinuates himself into the lives of his pupils. When his former teacher is arrested Justin steps forward to deflect the police investigation.

The Laramie Project is a unique piece in theatre. It takes interviews from citizens of the town of Laramie Wyoming and pieces them together into a narrative. It has been called, Documentary Theatre. The interviews are about the death of a young gay man, Matthew Shepard.

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