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Tomo Suru Players Society is a BC registered society. © 2015 by Tomo Suru Players.

Play Series on Masculinity

Women on Men

Historically no one questions when female characters are created by men. Tomo Suru would like to invite writers who identify as female to submit scripts up to 30 minutes about masculinity. What is masculinity? That is up to the writers to decide.

Scripts will be read by a reading committee consisting of women who represent various members of the theatre community; writers, actors, audience members, directors.

Directors of the plays will be women.

Conditions of the scripts

Scripts can be any length up to 30 minutes. Monologues are also accepted. 
It is hoped that one character in the script should be a man, or male identifying.

The theatre is limited in space, so that should be considered. However, directors are creative people so don’t hold yourself back.

This is the first time we have requested scripts based upon gender. There is a suggestion that to promote women playwrights this is a positive step. The other side of the coin is that writers are writers and that the personal identifiers of the writers are less important than the work. This is an issue we’ll continue to explore.

How to submit

Submissions should be sent to

Please put Masculinity in the subject line.

Submissions are accepted from January 1st to February 29th, 2020.

Plays will need to be accompanied by a $10CAD submission fee.


International submissions are welcome.

Final play selection will be done by local Vancouver Directors.

All plays accepted for production will receive $50CAD.

Fees can be paid by paypal here.


April 14th to 19th, 2020.

  • Tuesday, April 14th 19:30 Curtain

  • Wednesday, April 15 19:30 Curtain

  • Thursday, April 16 19:30 Curtain

  • Friday, April 17 19:30 Curtain

  • Saturday, April 18 19:30 Curtain

  • Sunday, April 19 Matinee 14:00 Curtain


Havana Theatre

1212 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC

V5L 3X4