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Preview show

April 6th - Door Open 3:45 pm, Show start 4pm till 6pm

@ Dusty Flowerpot

#141 - 2050 Scotia Street, Vancouver
{Around Back Through the Alley} 
There is no entrance on Scotia Street.

April 16 to April 20 Time - 7:30 start.

(Matinee April 21 - How I murdered - preview - Year of Magical Excerpts)


Havana Theatre

1212 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC

V5L 3X4



4 Stories 4 Directors + 1
(in no particular order)


Directed by Rylan Oleksyn

After a drunken night out two long time friends wake up in a confusing situation. Together they piece together what exactly happened the night before. Their friendship is tested and ultimately strengthened in this comedy.

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Kevin Saxby is Tank

Kevin studied film production at UBC before deciding he wanted to be an astronaut. That didn’t pan out well, and now he’s back to making comedies and acting. His short films have won ten awards for comedy and writing, and his work has been featured on twice. With two short films presently in their festival run—one a horror-comedy, the other a nail-biting mystery-satire (think Pink Panther meets Bourne Ultima-tum meets 50 shades of Gray)—he’s currently focusing the bulk of his time on acting.

Jettsun Leier is Sydney

Born in Saskatoon Saskatchewan he has always had an interest in entertainment and storytelling. Or that’s what he says now. During grade school Jettsun primarily filled his time with dance, including hip hop, ballet, jazz and modern contemporary. Other than school and dance he watched a lot of TV, almost entirely comedies. He discovered a passion for acting at The University of Saskatchewan, when he was nineteen he moved to Toronto to attend Toronto film school’s acting program. After completion Jettsun moved to Vancouver. Most recently Jettsun has taken and interest in writing, mostly biographies. Specifically, this biography. “I just wrote a paragraph about myself in the third person so not sure how long this writing career will last.”

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Terminal App

Directed by Valorie Hoye

A terminal medical diagnosis doesn’t mean you can’t live life to the fullest in the time you have left.  In fact, we have an app for that. Terminal App is a comedic drama about a woman who wants to love while she still can, a young man who can only love when there is an expiration date and the app that helps them navigate through a difficult conversation.

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Vivian Davidson is Daria

Vivian has lived in many countries around the world, speaks several languages and has a plethora of hobbies, skills and interests. She calls herself 'The Three A's' as she is an actress, activist and athlete who volunteers for over six organizations and is a triathlete and long-distance runner who continuously hikes and does yoga and anything outdoors.  She has been part of many eclectic and amazing film, TV and theatre projects which have vastly enriched her life and that she hopes she can continue to do.  

Razen Khehra is Urban

Razen Khehra is an aspiring actor who has finally taken the leap into the acting world. He is quite new to the world of acting and he found the perfect opportunity with Tomo Suru Players to expand his horizons and learn as much as he can. With Terminal App he saw a challenge and an opportunity to tell a story deeply rooted in human emotions.

Tanya Elchuk is the Doctor

Tanya Elchuk is very happy to be making her Vancouver debut in Terminal App. Previous credits include The Odyssey with Double Edge Theatre, The Princess of the Stars with Patria Productions, and The Penelopiad and King Henry VI Part 1 with Theatre@York. As a theatre maker, she has performed original work at festivals and cabarets throughout Canada and the northeastern United States, and her living statue The Lady-in-Waiting was featured in a SONY promotional video. Tanya currently teaches voice and speech to actors at Simon Fraser University and VanArts.

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Love's Love

Directed by Patricia Trinh

A dark, absurd, comedy with a twist! Josephine and her partner Aaron are telling the tale of how they met and what that meant for Larry; Josephine's parents choice for her hand in marriage. Marriage can be a brutal business, and if Josephine has any say in it then it can be a blood sport, or a celebration. But no matter who goes to jail, or who is finally convicted, love is love.

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Alysson Hall is PENELOPE

Alysson is a Vancouver based actor and writer, who recently completed her first short film The Mirror which screened as part of ‘Crazy8s’ in February. Recent credits include: A Prayer for Owen Meany (Pacific Theatre), Auguries of Innocence (The Cultch), Dark Road, A Few Good Men, The Country Wife, and Romans in Britain (Jericho Arts Centre). This June you can catch her in Memory House, as part of Stone’s Throw season at Pacific Theatre.

Graham Miles is LARRY

Graham Miles is a Vancouver-based performer who has appeared on North American stages from coast to coast. His selected NYC theatrical roles include Richard III in This England (an abridged compilation of Shakespeare's history plays produced at IRT Theater), and the sinister clown Isidore in a production of Maria Irene Fornes' Tango Palace directed by Stevie Walker-Webb (currently directing Ain't No Mo' for The Public Theater). Selected Canadian productions include The Walworth Farce (Theatre Inconnu), Private Eyes (Kelowna Summer Theatre Festival), and The Rimers of Eldritch (Fighting Chance Productions). He has also performed in the short films Lion, Sapiosexual, and Killing for Spark, among others. Graham holds an MFA in Acting from The New School for Drama in NYC, and a BFA in Theatre from the University of Victoria. Instagram: @instagrahamformiles Twitter: @grahamkmiles Website:

Maddison Silva is AARON

Maddi has been involved in theatre since she was a wee tot, reciting Shakespeare and waxing poetic about Ibsen while still in diapers. Maddi is multifaceted in her skill set in theatre, having first being trained as an actor then becoming more involved in the technical side (mainly lights, don’t ask her to do anything involving a speaker). She studied acting at the Australian Institute of Performing Arts and has enjoyed being a part of shows such as Toad of Toad Hall and more recently Every Dragon Knows the Story with Vancouver’s King Matt Theatre. Maddi is a big fan of comedy and people laughing generally and attempts to facilitate that whenever possible. Improv is a big part of her vernacular and every now and again she might be in a show near you! Beyond all that, Maddi is excited to be part of Love’s Love, an amusing story about diamond mining in Africa. She hopes that you all enjoy yourself. As always, this one is for you Momo.

Kayleigh Sandomirsky is VERNA

Kayleigh Sandomirsky is a performer, creator, stage manager and producer; she is also the Artistic Associate of Resounding Scream Theatre. Kayleigh is a graduate of the Simon Fraser Contemporary Arts Program where she got the opportunity to work with Penelope Stella, Steven Hill, DD Kugler, Bill Dow, Lisa Beley, David MacMurray-Smith, and Maiko Yamamoto. Kayleigh has had the pleasure of devising and performing with Raina Von Waldenburg, rice & beans theatre, the Troika Collective, Excavation Theatre, and Speakeasy Theatre. She has also worked with the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival as the Assistant Producer for Club PuSh. When Kayleigh is not performing you can catch her stage managing a new piece by Francesca Frewer and Erika Mitsuhashi called DUST premiering in April at the Dance Centre.

Katherine Alpen is JOSEPHINE

Katherine Alpen is a young Meryl Streep living in Vancouver. Big thanks to Patricia Trinh and Gerald Williams for having her in this festival. Katherine has a feature film Exuvia coming out next year written/directed by Anthony Harrison who is a stand up fella. A big thank you to mom, dad, Gina, Kevin, granny, her mentors and extended actor family. Enjoy the show.

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Aging Out

Directed by John Ennis Graham

Ron is a perpetually single older gay man who has lived it all. Skip is his escort of choice going on eight years. Things have been kept formal and transactional until now. Ron has recently developed mobility issues ... physically and sexually ... which has lead to him rethinking his and Skip's relationship. He isn't getting younger and besides, you're never too old to settle down.

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Sue Sparlin is Ron

Sue Sparlin has been performing in the Vancouver theatre scene for 17 years. She has won awards for her work from TheatreBC, The Ovations and the Community Theatre Coalition and has held leading roles in several Indie films recently. This role of Ron is a challenge but a welcome one. Thanks to Gerald and John for the opportunity.

Benjamin Grant-Ewen is Skip

He started acting because a friend in Spanish 10 said that he wanted to be actor, and Benjamin thought, “why not”, and gave it a try year later and. Hasn’t stopped acting since, going so far as to graduate early from high school just so that he could save up to go to acting school. As he continues to grow as an actor and a person he holds Plus Ultra! as his talisman for growth!

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Mr Bassett

Directed by Gerald Williams

A young forensic psychologist asks for the aide of a mentor in tackling a gruesome and puzzling murder. While he lays out the case for her, she feels he may be leading her in the wrong direction.

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Kelly Sheridan is Dr. Smith

A graduate of SFU Theatre Department and the Arts Club Actor’s Intensive, Kelly is an Associate Producer of Genus Theatre where she starred in 4H Club, The Physicists, and Tomb With A View. Recent credits include Welcome to Thebes (United Players), The Realistic Joneses (Mint Collective),  Laramie Project and String of Pearls (Tomo Suru). Kelly has over 25 years of professional experience in voice over for commercials and animation. Most notably, she has played the voice of Barbie in the majority of Mattel movies since 2001, and Starlight Glimmer in the juggernaut My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Kelly is so excited to be back working with Tomo Suru on another exciting project.

Rylan Oleksyn is Ken

Rylan Oleksyn was born on a frigid Christmas Eve night. In a barn. In a small town in Saskatchewan. And when the moonlight caught his infant face on that fateful December night his parents knew he was destined to be a star. Growing up he thought it would be in sports, but athletic deficiencies ended those dreams prematurely and so now he is giving this acting thing a try. In case this doesn't pan out he is also directing a play in this show because every smart actor has a back-up plan. If acting and directing don't work out his next move will be to give up and head for the guaranteed success that comes with being a DJ.

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4 Directors + 1

Rylan Oleksyn

Rylan grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan before moving out to Vancouver to pursue acting. He fell in love with being on stage while performing in Gerald Williams' play "The Dance Teacher" last year and followed that up by playing Trevor in the fringe hit "Trevor and Margaret." Rylan has recently turned his talents to screen writing and directing and his first production is scheduled for release in September 2019. He loves the opportunity to balance his time between film and theatre.

John Ennis Graham

John Ennis Graham, the artist formerly known as Ennis Graham John Hannah, is a Vancouver based actor and director. This is his third time working with Tomo Suru and, depending on what you think of this show, it may be his last. He'd like to thank himself, and the doctor who performed laparoscopy to remove his appendix last May. He didn't get a chance to previously thank him.

Valorie Hoye

Valorie Hoye spent many years as an actor, stage manager and assistant director in North Vancouver before taking her shot as an actor in the local TV industry.  That didn’t last long! She’s happily back in her first home, theatre. She’s grateful to Tomo Suru Players for the opportunity to direct “Terminal App,” a play that masquerades as science fiction but is grounded in basic human connection.

Patricia Trinh

Patricia Trinh is a multidisciplinary artist, based in Vancouver B.C, with a background in performing, writing and directing; spanning over a decade. Since graduating from University of Victoria’s Phoenix Theatre Department, Tricia has had the pleasure of working with theatre companies such as Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre, Puente Theatre, Impulse Theatre and Tomo Suru Players. Tricia premiered her first One Act, “What Define Us” on the Arts Club stage in 2007 [LEAP Playwriting Program]. November of 2010 Tricia wrote & directed her second play, “The Ethical Six-some” [UVic SATCo.]. November of 2012, “The Ethical Six-some” went on to have its international premiere at South Oregon University. June of 2017 Tricia won Best Director for her work in Tomo Suru's "About Love Festival." June of 2018 Tricia directed & produced (launching Dusty Foot Productions) the world premiere of her latest play, “Probability” at rEvolver Theatre Festival. Tricia’s next creative venture involves workshopping rewrites for her play “The Ethical Six-some,” under review and consideration for Queer Arts Festival in Vancouver 2020. Instagram: @dustyfootproductions Facebook:

Gerald Williams

Has been directing and teaching theatre for a little while now. He enjoys it and is delighted to get the chance to present this play to you. He thinks these actors bring this little story alive and hopes you think so too! Sunday he is previewing his one man show - How I Murdered My Mother at 2:30 at the Havana. It’s free or by donation. He will be touring this across the prairies this summer as part of Fringe shows. Come and see it on Sunday, he welcomes the feedback.

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