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5’ 6” And A Half Inch tells the story of Felicia and Nick, a happy, early twenties, married couple. They work enough to get by, they party and hang with their friends Taylor and Glen. Everything in life is good. Then Nick finds out he’s a half-inch taller than he’d thought and questions who he is. He wants to change, leaving Felicia - where?


This reading is part of SUP


A Series of Sassy Un-produced Projects brings together Vancouver’s unique, sought after, and unpredictable talent to present their original Sassy, Un-produced Projects, never before seen by a live theatre audience. Frolicking Divas (Lori Watt) in association with Bar S Entertainment (Style Dayne) bring together an eclectic, up-beat and honest show to Vancouver’s theatre seen. Born out of a desire to promote more local and independent theatre Frolicking Divas has committed to bringing Vancouver a one-of a kind show with a new script, new cast and new stories every night for 12 days.


The event is FREE, but advance booking is requested

About the producers


Frolicking Divas

Frolicking Divas was founded in 2009 in Vancouver and has brought you such projects as the two time Jessie Nominated production of Heathers: the Musical, Criminal Hearts, The Odd Couple - Female version, as well as many co-productions with other companies such as Seminar, Lascivious Something, and The Museum Project. The Divas are partnering once again with Bar S Entertainment Dog Sees God, The Bachelorette, Orphans, Snow Angel to bring you a series of previously un-produced works from talent based in Vancouver in a stage reading setting.


A Stage Reading of the new Comedy by Gerald Williams

5’6” & A Half Inch

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