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About Love

How About Love works


9 short plays will be performed each night from November 20th to 25th 2018.

Audiences will be asked to vote for

  • Best Play

  • Notable performances


Closing show, November 25th, in addition to the audience vote, our panel of Judges will make the final decision on

  • Best Play (1 selection)

  • Notable Performance (2 selections)

  • Notable direction (1 selection)

Where did we get our plays?


An open call for submissions was announced and playwrights are asked to submit their plays between May  and August 31th, 2018.  For playwrights, please see here for more information.

Winners for 2018

Best Play

Compelling Spencer, written by Ian August

Best Director

John Ennis Graham, Compelling Spencer

Best Actor

Katherine Alpen, You Were Awesome

Henry J Mah, 172 Push Ups

At the Judges request two special prizes are awarded this year:

Honourable Mention for Playwriting

Bottle for A Special Occasion, by William C. Kovacsik

Best Ensemble

Ajay Banks, Joshua Tonks, Sarah Carroll

About love – a message from our artistic director

The genre of the 10-minute play requires character development, convincing story lines and conflict resolution in the time it takes many of us to find our seats. Some writers specialize in 10-minute genre and many famous writers use this genre to explore characters and ideas. For directors, this genre tests the ability to tell stories without the luxury of time. They work to ensure that an audience sees a full story arc delivered in a compelling and entertaining way. A bit like speed dating; the actors have to get their character across to the audience in minutes and then convincingly follow through as sudden storyline changes occur.


If this is your first time exploring the world of ten-minute plays, don’t be afraid, it’ll be over soon, too soon in fact. Audience members will be invited to vote for their favourite play and notable performance by an actor. Judges will tally the votes, determine the winning play, select two actors for their performance, and recognize a notable director.  


Gerald WilliamsArtistic Director, Tomo Suru Players


<Show Dates>
 20th to 25th.

  • Tuesday November 20th Doors 7:00pm, Show 7:30pm

  • Wednesday November 21st, Doors 7:00pm, Show 7:30pm

  • Thursday November 22nd, Doors 7:00pm, Show 7:30pm

  • Friday November 23rd, Doors 7:00pm, Show 7:30pm

  • Saturday November 24th, Doors 7:00pm, Show 7:30pm

  • Sunday November 25th, Doors 1:30pm, Show 2:00pm ***Judges show***


Havana Theatre

1212 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC

V5L 3X4



About Love
Nine Plays (in no particular order)

Temptress Standing by an Open Window

by Paul Lewis

Directed by Nazanin Shoja

Temptress Standing by an Open Window follows Jack, a down-on-his-luck builder and business man, who is mysteriously drawn to le Whisky Bar, a hidden cafe, hosted by the caricature of a French waiter. There he meets the enigmatic fortune teller, Doraldina, who reveals the story of how they came to meet. Is it magic? Is it fate? Or, simply the tales of a mad woman. All that is certain is that love proves to be more powerful than logic or reason.

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Pegah Taale

Pegah Taale was born in Shiraz, Iran, where she grew up speaking Farsi, Arabic, Turkish and English. Pegah always had a passion for acting and singing and started acting in her hometown theatre centre when she was 15. At 17, she left Iran and travelled to Dubai to pursue her singing career, where she made her first music video at age 20. In 2014 Pegah moved to Vancouver  to begin her acting career. In 2018 Pegah graduated from the full-time two year acting program at New Image College and has appeared in several short films and stage productions including The Swan Song and the Knockouts.

Kyle John Brogan

Born in the small town of Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast, Kyle's imagination had to work overtime. Naturally, he discovered acting, moved to Vancouver and has since played everything from Lord Capulet to a bow tie wearing Grim Reaper. With a passion for laughter, a never too serious personality and a little Bouffon clown training for good measure, he is excited to be part of this production. Previous roles include: Klein in Arsenic and Old Lace ( Royal Canadian Theatre Company ) and Various in Eight Ways To Fate and All ( Cascadia Project of New Plays directed by Bryan Wade).

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by Elisabeth Giffin Speckman

Directed by Alina Quarin

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Hira Lalani

Hira, playing the role of Kelly, is a 17-year-old with an avidity for performing. While she immerses herself in many branches of the arts such as singing, spoken word poetry, and song writing, theatre is where it all really came together for her. She has taken part in a variety of productions such as Guys & Dolls, Sister Act, and most recently played Ballard in Eternal Theatre Collective’s Seven Minutes in Heaven. Hira plans to pursue acting long after high school, and is extremely excited to be a part of this play.

Jericho Reid

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Jericho Reid is an actor who recently moved to Vancouver. Recent stage credits include Measure for Measure (Dog On The Beach Productions), Exit The Wizard (Gorilla Rep Theatre) and Merryland (Three Sisters Productions).

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Compelling Spencer

by Ian August

Directed by John Ennis Graham

When Spencer is arrested for arson, his guilt seems pretty clear - but all is not what it appears in this queer comedy about cigarettes, socks, and romantic compulsion.

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Sarah Carroll

Sarah Carroll is an Australian Actress currently based in Vancouver. Notable stage credits include Jenny in Neil LaBute's 'The Shape of Things' and Mary Warren in Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible'. Sarah trained at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and T. Schreiber Studios in NYC. When not acting Sarah enjoys writing sketch comedy, long hikes and lots of coffee.

​Ajay Banks

Ajay Banks is an Australian actor. He first appeared in the Aussie Soap 'Neighbours' and was a lead in the award winning web series 'The Happiness Curve'. In 2016 Ajay wrote, produced and starred in the short film 'Always' . 'Always' premiered at the New Renaissance Film Festival in Amsterdam in 2017 and Ajay was awarded 'Best Actor' for his work. ‘Always' also won the Audience award at The International Perth Queer Film Festival.

Joshua Tonks

Joshua Tonks trained at ArtsEd in London's West End and most recently appeared in the World Premiere of 'Tiger Bay' at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff. Other credits include the Olivier-nominated production of 'The Sound Of Music', 'The Dreaming', 'Dames At Sea' and 'Jack And The Beanstalk'. Joshua also co-wrote and starred in short LGBTQ thriller, 'The Latent Image', currently making the rounds at various film festivals.

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You Were Awesome!

by Rob Zaslow

Directed by Robert L Duncan

Remember that one big party?  You know the one...the one that people still talk about to this day and the legend grows each time it's retold?  Well, Steven's party will be remembered alright...but for all the wrong reasons.  Join Steven and Ruthie on this hilarious journey as the discover just what the hell happened last night in YOU WERE AWESOME.

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Kevin Saxby

Kevin studied film production at UBC before deciding he wanted to be an astronaut. That didn’t pan out well, and now he’s back to making comedies and acting. His short films have won nine awards for comedy and writing, and his work has been featured on twice. With two short films  presently in their festival run—one a horror-comedy, the other a nail-biting mystery-satire (think Pink Panther meets Bourne Ultimatum meets 50 shades of Gray)—he’s currently focusing the bulk of his time on acting.

Katherine Alpen

Katherine is an actor, singer and dancer from Vancouver. She has a degree in musical theatre, has written a short that will be filmed in the spring and is known for occasionally being funny in commercials. She would thank her sig. other for his never-ending support but she's unattached so does plays about love instead. Also she enjoys long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain, and is totally, absolutely fine with being single. 5"3'. Loves dogs. Swipe right. Plz.

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Bottle for a Special Occasion

by William C. Kovacsik

Directed by Gil Yaron

This offering brings together the sharp essence of regret with a promising aftertaste of hope.

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Holly Hofmann

Originally from the wee state of Delaware, Holly now calls Vancouver home. While her background is in film production and journalism, she is currently the producer for an art and design firm based in East Van. Acting has always been in her visual axis, though, and she has been studying at Austin Tuck Studios in Gastown for the last four years. She is a huge fan of Esther Perel, Erich Fromm and all subjects related to love so she is ecstatic to be a part of the About LoveFestival. We all need the eggs.

Ryan Bell

Born and raised in Greater Vancouver, Ryan has always had a passion for performance.  For several years he performed with the Bare Bones Theatre Festival playing numerous characters from a troubled high school student in Stonewater Rapture to an injured Vietnam veteran in Pvt. Wars.  He is also involved with improvisational theater having spent two seasons on the Vancouver TheatreSports Rookie League as well as performing at various venues around Vancouver with the improv group Charm Offensive.  Aside from performing Ryan enjoys spending time outside, especially in and around the ocean!

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Self Promoted

by Jessica Austgen

Directed by Maegen Eastwood

There's a promotion going to someone in the office. But who gets it? And at the end of the day, who really WANTS it? A comedy about figuring out what's important in life.

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Jennifer Tong

Jennifer Tong is incredibly excited to be a part of such a fun and collaborative experience that is the About Love Festival! Since graduating from the Acting for Stage and Screen program at Capilano University in 2017, she has been in multiple theatre productions in the city (String of Pearls, Fringe Festival, Vagina Monologues, etc.) and also on screen (Supergirl, Sacred Lies). In her spare time, she enjoys wearing overalls, dancing and eating raspberry licorice.

Megs Calleja

Megs’ first stage thrill was as a ninja turtle in an elementary school dance recital. Since then, she has trained & performed across the country and at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, UK. Favourite credits include Yente in Fiddler On The Roof (Kempenfelt Players, ON), Miss Stacy in Anne of Green Gables (Four Seasons, BC) & Tiffany in Cake Walk (St. Luke’s, BC). A writer & bibliophile, Megs also has a film and television career. You can watch her as Elizabeth Queen in Ask Will on Telus Optik Local, and follow her millennial take on classic tales through her blog:

Thanks to everyone for welcoming her into the festival - it has been a blast!

Travis Fawcett

Struggling to feel after years of encasing himself in emotional armour, Travis set out to peel away the fortress walls to better understand himself. Stumbling from extra work, commercial, to various independent projects, he realized that acting was therapeutic and developed a passion for the craft. Travis moved to Vancouver from Calgary a year and a half ago to pursue acting full time. He is currently studying with Michael David Simms and works daily on understanding vulnerability.

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172 Push Ups

by Scott Mullen

Directed by Madelaine Walker

While Afghanistan veteran Quinn waits for her girlfriend, Jenny, at the bus stop, she has a conversation with Vietnam veteran and conservative, Tom, that changes both of their perspectives and proves that the most important thing is being willing to carry each other to the end, no matter our differences.

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Felisha Anderson

Felisha is thrilled to be a part of the About Love Festival. Some of her favourite roles include: Solange in T​he Maids​, C​arolyn in H​aving Hope at Home​ and Bella in L​ost in Yonkers​. In her spare time she loves writing poetry, hiking, and taking care of her senior cat, Mia Wallace.

Henry Mah

Henry started out in stand-up comedy in 1989 and from there moved on to learning the craft of acting, and has been a working actor since 1996. He wrote and starred in his own film, “No One Ever Suspects the Chinese Guy” and continues to write scenes and scripts for shorts, episodics and features. He has appeared in several film/TV projects, including the feature film “Scary Movie 4”, and the TV series “The Flash”, “Lucifer” and “Travelers”. He currently co leads the Performer’s Mastery and the 2 Day Commercial Audition Workshop, runs a cold read-on camera audition group, teaches AuditionCraft 1, and offers 1 hour privates and tapings. This is his first appearance back on the boards since 2008, when he last performed in the Museum Project right here at the Havana.

Maegen Eastwood

Maegen is so excited to be a part of this years About Love festival, both as a director and actor. Her recent credits include Margaret in Trevor & Margaret in the Vancouver Fringe Festival (Tomo Suru Players), Detective Mori in The Dance Teacher (Tomo Suru Players) and Ann in Slow Dancing (Surrey Little Theatre). She loves doing yoga while listening to Zeppelin, and when Hot Chocolate comes with those little chocolate shavings on the top.

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by Steven Doloff

Directed by Rylan Oleksyn

In this emotional comedy, a young homeless man named Roger tries to keep his older companion Didi distracted from the realities of life on the streets as well as from her own mind. The two bond and share hope for the future as Didi is forced to reconcile the realities of her situation with what once was and what could have been.

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Lori Schock

Lori Schock was born and raised in Vancouver and still calls it home today. She is a dedicated mother and enjoys working as a florist but her true passion lies in acting and being on stage. Lori is fresh off a successful run acting in this year’s Vancouver Fringe Festival and is really looking forward to collaborating with many talented people to create About Love. The challenge of playing a character with as much depth as Didi is an exciting one that Lori looks forward to taking on.

Mark Spencer

Mark Spencer is not homeless but loves parrots and knows the difference between cheese and a bit of pavement. As an actor he aspires to win another Academy Award as two are always better than one, but is willing to return is daytime Emmy in exchange for pedicures for life. Does he love acting? Yes. Does he love writing bios? No. Does he love asking questions? Only as much as he loves answering them.

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The Sound

by Jordan Elizabeth Henry

Directed by Theryl Grundy

There is no universally accepted version of ‘normal’ – and this understanding applies both to the individual and to the family. The Sound is a glimpse into a different relationship dynamic that exists: Anthony, a youth who has been living on the streets for nearly four years, and the mother Sarah. After seeing a video of Anthony on the Internet saving a boy from drowning in Puget Sound, Sarah finds Anthony so she can make an attempt at reconciliation. If someone makes amends, do we have to forgive them?

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Shelby Satterthwaite

Shelby Satterthwaite fell in love with acting through working on local and high school productions and she never looked back! You may have seen her playing Margot in Eternal Theatre Collective’s “Seven Minutes in Heaven”, for which she’s been nominated for Best Actress in a Play at the 2018 Joey Awards, or as Molly Elson in Midtwenties Theatre Society’s original piece “Molly Misbegotten”. Most recently, you may have caught her at the Vancouver Fringe Festival playing Marlene in Midtwenties’ production of “The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant”. Shelby is thrilled to be a part of the About Love festival and she can’t wait to bring this piece to life with the rest of this talented cast and crew!

​Starlise Waschuk

Starlise Waschuk has a Degree in Motion Picture Arts and Theatre and is a graduate of the National Voice Intensive.  She has a strong movement background with a black belt in karate, and twenty years of dance experience. Since moving to Vancouver, she has pursued acting and has continuously studied between, Vancouver, New York and LA.  Starlise is an advocate for creating your own work.  She has produced numerous short films, web-series and plays.  Recent Film credits include: "The Nod", "Fatal Rhapsody", "187","#intimacy", "You are my Present" and "Three Colours and a Canvas". Her favourite theatre credits include:  Sylvia (North Vancouver Community Players),  Bachelorette (Bilodeau Productions), Where's My Money(Fitzmeisner Collective), Hamlet (Blackspear's Production), and most recentlyTape (Star And Moon Productions.) Her newest chapter is the fun world of voiceover and you can hear her on the video game "The Fall Part 2: Unbound", and the podcast "Duggan Hill".

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About Love Directors

Nazanin Shoja

Nazanin is excited to be making her directorial debut in this year's About Love Festival. She recently had the pleasure of working with Tomo Suru onstage, playing Detective Spinner in The Dance Teacher. When she’s not acting, singing, or dancing, she enjoys venturing behind the scenes. Her most recent theatre production credits include choreography for Metro Theatre's Robin Hood and Marion and costuming for Fighting Chance Productions' Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.

Alina Quarin

Alina is very excited to be making her Vancouver directing debut with the About Love Festival.  She is currently in her second year of Capilano University's Arts and Entertainment Management program.  Performing credits include August: Osage County (WRPC), Bram Stoker’s Dracula (DCSS), A Chorus Line, The Awesome ‘80’s Prom, Parade, Ragtime in Concert (FCP), Cabaret (Exit 22), andThe Who’s Tommy (Arbutus). You can also find her dancing with Army of Sass Vancouver.

John Ennis Graham

John Ennis Graham is a Vancouver based performer and graduate of Capilano University's Acting for Stage and Screen Program with aspirations of becoming a funeral director. This is his second time working with Tomo Suru, having acted in last year's production of Cabaret as the resident nazi. He'd like to thank God (short for Godfrey) his Sunday school teacher and his cat.

Robert L Duncan

This marks ROBERT L DUNCAN's directorial debut.  He says he's always telling actors how to act anyway so why not direct.  Seems logical right? And hard can it be?! Growing up driving tractors, chasing cattle and building granaries on the farm in Saskatchewan provided the perfect tools to direct this the many years of acting on stage and for film and tv.  Joking aside, the incredible, yet terrifying, experience just might be his last so be kind and vote for this production that, he alone, brought to life. Oh...the actors helped...a little. OK...a lot!

Gil Yaron

Gil is an award-winning director (schumannbrahmschumann, best director & production, jessie richardson award) and actor. He recently played the "emcee" in tomo suru's production of "cabaret" (best actor, community theatre coalition awards) and was in the second national tour of les miserables and the canadian premiere of steven sondheim's  "assassins". He is currently composing the score for a new musical and is always seeking directing opportunities.

Maegen Eastwood

Maegen is thrilled to be making her directorial debut at this years About Love Festival. She's used to being on stage, having recently appeared as Margaret in Trevor & Margaret (Tomo Suru Players) at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, Detective Mori in The Dance Teacher (Tomo Suru Players), and Ann in Slow Dancing (Surrey Little Theatre). She loves comedy, gin martinis, and her dog Zig, and hopes you enjoy the show!

Madelaine Walker

Madelaine has been working steadily in the Vancouver theatre community since moving here in 2013 for UBC. She is the Co-Producer for local independent theatre company, Wunderdog Theatre, and has spent the last year diving into her passion for directing, working on shows such asSaturday's For the Boys with Brave New Play Rites, Inside the Box with the IGNITE! Youth Festival, and most recently on Wayne Gretzky Never Takes it Black with the Cascadia Project. When not working in theatre, she can be found playing Dungeons & Dragons and reading as many Robin Hobb novels as possible.

Rylan Oleksyn

Rylan grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan before moving out to Vancouver to pursue acting. He fell in love with being on stage while performing in Gerald Williams' "genius" play "The Dance Teacher" earlier this year and followed that up by playing Trevor in the fringe smash hit "Trevor and Margaret." This will be Rylan's first foray into the world of directing and he is very excited for the opportunity to bring his vision to life in the sad comedy that is Florida.

Theryl Grundy

Theryl is a professional commercial diver and non-destructive technician who has maintained extensive ties to the theatre. While a student at McGill she wrote reviews for theatre productions and was a volunteer for emerging theatre companies. While working and studying in Asia she developed relationships with artists and theatre companies in Osaka and Bangkok and first tried her hand as an active producer and actor there. Recently moved to Vancouver she is now dedicating her time to exploring the art community here and the opportunity to develop new works.

Guest Director Mentor – Justin Anthony

Justin is an actor, writer and producer who has directed for Tomo Suru Players in last year's About Love audience favourite Carrots, Baby and the CTC nominated String of Pearls (A.D.). Being asked to guide this year's group of directors and work with their actors has been an absolute pleasure for him. Last seen in Influenced, winner of Best Film of the Run N' Gun Festival at the Rio Theatre this October. For more credits and reel please visit

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About Love Writers

Paul Lewis

Paul Lewis is a Seattle-based playwright and composer whose recent projects include The Crossing, A Musical (Theater Schmeater and Jewel Box Theatre); a musical adaptation of the classic children’s book Caps for Sale (Boston Children’s Theatre and Valley Center Stage); the full-length play Oblivion (Driftwood); and The Hours of Life, A Musical (Theatre22).  His play The Names has had recent developmental readings at FUSION, Equity Library Theatre Chicago, and Atlantic Stage. Paul’s one-act plays have been staged at theatres across the country, winning Best of Festival awards at a number of these. His musical Still Life Davenport will be workshopped at a Seattle-area theatre in the fall; and his musical adaptation of another classic of children’s literature, The Runaway Bunny, will have its world premiere at Boston Children’s Theatre in 2019. Paul is a member of BMI and Dramatists Guild of America.

Elisabeth Giffin Speckman

Elisabeth Giffin Speckman received her BA in Theatre and English-Creative Writing from Denison University and her MFA in Fiction from Butler University, where she now serves as an adjunct instructor and as Director of the Butler Bridge Program. She is a playwright, actress, and director, and is heavily involved in community and youth theatre in Indianapolis, where she lives with her husband. Her plays have been workshopped and/or produced in Indiana, Ohio, Florida, and Connecticut. Her short play, “Brothers on a Hotel Bed,” is featured in Stage It! 2: Thirty 10-Minute Plays, and her creative nonfiction appears in Midwestern Gothic. She and her husband are expecting their first child this November.

Ian August

Ian August is an award-winning, internationally produced playwright. His works have been developed at the Ashland New Play Festival, Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, New Jersey Repertory Company, Writers Theatre of New Jersey, Wordsmyth Theatre Company, City Theatre of Miami, the Garry Marshall Theatre, UC Davis Dept of Theatre and Dance, Utah Contemporary Theatre, Passage Theatre Company, the Philadelphia Artists Collective, the Williamstown Theatre Festival, the NY, Philly, and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, and elsewhere.

Several of Mr. August’s plays have been published by Sam French Inc., The Pitkin Review, Smith and Kraus Publishing, and the One-Act Play Depot. 

Bob Zaslow

In July of this year, Bob moved from New York State to Bellingham, Washington. In 2011, he wrote the book to the musical play, The Seed of Abraham, performed in the FringeNYC Festival at their flagship, Bleecker Street Theatre. He also won an American Film Festival Award in documentary film, and as an advertising copywriter, won a Clio and two Effies. In addition, Bob writes poetry and children’s books. And in 2013 he wrote and published Rap-Notes: Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits for high school students. (Think Spark Notes meets Fifty Cent meets Hamlet, Macbeth, etc.)

William C. Kovacsik

WILLIAM C. KOVACSIK holds a Bachelor of Arts from Drew University, as well as a J.D. from the Fordham University School of Law and an M.F.A. in Playwriting from Carnegie Mellon University.  He was on the faculty at Carnegie Mellon’s world-renowned theatre conservatory from 1994-2001. Most recently, he served as chair of the Department of Dramatic Writing at New York University’s Tisch Asia graduate program in Singapore.  Twenty-seven of Mr. Kovacsik’s plays have been seen throughout the United States and Asia. He wroteThe Masrayana, which received praise from the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Tribune, and went on to win the Joseph Jefferson Citation Award for Best New Play in Chicago, 2005-2006. His play Morisot Reclining was staged by the Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company in the spring of 2009, and was nominated for a Henry Award for Best New Play by the Colorado Theatre Guild and an Ovation Award by the Denver Post.  He has had plays published by both Playscripts, Inc. (Scales of Justice) and the Next Stage Press (Morisot Reclining).

Jessica Austgen

Jessica Austgen is an actor, improviser and playwright living in Denver, Colorado. Her first play, DragOn (a Comic Con-themed drag adventure!), was commissioned by the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and premiered at the DCPA’s Garner Galleria Theatre in June 2017. Jessica's newest play, Sin Street Social Club (an adaptation of Aphra Behn's The Rover) will have its world premiere as part of the Arvada Center's Black Box Repertory in 2019. Jessica is currently serving as the Artistic Director of the Denver Improv Festival.

Scott Mullen

Scott Mullen is a longtime Hollywood screenplay analyst and screenwriter, a two-time winner of Amazon Studios' screenwriting contest, whose thriller THE SUMMONING aired on TV One.  His numerous short plays have been performed hundreds of times around the world.

Steven Doloff

Steven Doloff is a Professor of English and Humanities at Pratt Institute in New York City, and is extremely honored to be a part of Tomo Suru Players' 2018 About Love Festival. His plays have been performed in California, New York and New Jersey; and his essay on culture have appeared in The Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe.

Jordan Elizabeth Henry

ordan Elizabeth Henry is a playwright currently living and working in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her short plays have been produced throughout North America, most notably in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver, B.C. She is a contributing writer and co-editor for Code Red Playwrights, a collective of US playwrights dedicated to creating short pieces of theatre for every incidence of mass casualty gun violence in the United States. You can read her work on the New Play Exchange and find out more about her current projects at

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About Love Judges

Brittanny Downey-MacDonald

Vancouver based artist, writer and editor Brittanny Downey-MacDonald is the owner and chief designer at Off You Go Paper Co., founder of the Judy Jamieson Foundation and an active board member at the Community Arts Counsel of Vancouver (CACV). She held positions with Calgary Magazine (Red Point Media) and Transcontinental Media before striking out on her own as a freelance copywriter and editor. She has worked on projects ranging from short fiction and screenplays to legal textbooks and PhD dissertations. She studied Literature and Creative Writing at UBC.


Brittanny has a reputation for making copious amounts of raspberry jam and often succumbs to fits of uncontrollable laughter. She is an avid patron of the arts, particularly theatre and dance. 

Javid C Jones

David is a key note speaker, actor, director, and public speaking coach. A graduate of Studio 58 and a teacher at The Vancouver Film School he also works as an emcee, auctioneer and / or a corporate comedian. He made 13 short films, produced and hosted a TV series as well as television special. He was the Entertainment Manager of the 2010 Winter Olympics. He has won some awards like: Business in Vancouver Top 40 Under 40, Legacy Award Winner, and the City of Vancouver Award of Excellence. @iamdavidcjones

Lesley Brownlee

Lesli Brownlee is a Vancouver based actor and writer. Her fiction, essays, and poetry have appeared in The Liar, Bread Magazine, and SADMAG. She is an alumnus of the PTC’s Block A and Wet Ink Collective. Her one act play Jungle Jungle Whatever appeared as a part of the Sup Festival of New Play Readings. Recent acting credits include The Cherry Orchard (Smoking Gun Collective) and Fool for Love (ABB Collective) and Rabbit Holem(Dramatic Works Series).

Patricia Trinh

Patricia Trinh: DFP Founder | Playwright & Director
Patricia Trinh is a multidisciplinary artist, based in Vancouver B.C, with a background in performing, writing and directing; spanning over a decade. Since graduating from University of Victoria’s Phoenix Theatre Department Tricia has had the pleasure of working with theatre companies such as Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre, Puente Theatre, Impulse Theatre, UpInTheAir and Tomo Suru Players. One of Tricia’s acting highlights includes working with Daniel MacIvor on the world premiere of, “Inside.” Tricia premiered her first One Act, “What Define Us” on the Arts Club stage in 2007 [LEAP Playwriting Program]. November of 2010 Tricia wrote & directed her second play, “The Ethical Six-some” [UVic SATCo.]. November of 2012, “The Ethical Six-some” went on to have its international premiere at South Oregon University. June of 2017 Tricia won Best Director for her work in Tomo Suru's "About Love Festival." June of 2018 Tricia directed & produced (launching Dusty Foot Productions) the world premiere of her latest play, “Probability” at rEvolver Theatre Festival. Tricia’s next creative venture involves workshopping rewrites for her play “The Ethical Six-some,” to be produced at Fertile Ground 2019 in Portland, Oregon.

Jay Brazeau

Jay left Winnipeg.  He left the snow, the ice, the mosquitos, and the return of the Jets despite being born in Winnipeg.  And it’s our good fortune, here in BC, to have gained what Manitoba is missing out on an actor of great gifts and a director with a firm hand on both the heart and the humour of any play that he touches.


As a performer, Jay is seemingly everywhere.  Audiences all over North America recognize him for his television work on series and in movies, including STARGATE SGI, GARAGE SALE MYSTERY, BATES MOTEL, ROGUE, WEST WING, THE X FILES, THE, AIR BUD and THE KILLING.  And major films DOUBLE JEOPARDY, WATCHMEN, INSOMNIA, BEST IN SHOW, COOL RUNNING, WE’RE NO ANGELS and many others.  Even if you haven’t seen him, you’ve certainly HEARD him in countless voice roles for cartoons from “Sabrina: The Animated Series” to “My Little Pony”. Plus voicing the lead in the NFB Oscar-nominated THE BIG SNIT.


Theatre audiences have been treated to Jay in some of his favourite roles: Man in the Chair in the National Arts Centre and Vancouver Playhouse productions of “The Drowsy Chaperone”, Tevye  in Rubicon Theater’s “Fiddler on the Roof” in Ventura California, “The Goat” at the Presentaion House Theatre, Cyrano in Three Rivers Shakespeare Festival, The Wiz in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Wizard of Oz” and the wonderful Edna Turnblad in the Canadian premiere of “Hairspray” .


In theatre Jay directed Eric McCormack and Molly Parker in “The Passion of Dracula” and Bruno Gerussi for the Arts Club in “Breaking Legs”.  He has also navigated many an original work, has Fringe credits and directed the fabulous “POOR” at the Firehall Art’s Centre. He has, likewise put his stamp on “Three Viewings” with Kevin McNulty and Jillian Fargey, as well as “Old Love” with Suzanne Ristic and Vince Metcalfe.  And Jay was a natural and perfect choice to direct First Artists Vancouver premiere of “Bad Jews”.  He was definitely an artist in touch with the play’s biting humour, razor-sharp timing, and deeply moving messages.


Jay is currently working on his own play entitled A FORTUNATE SON about 4 generations of Fathers and Sons.

Nancy Sivak

Nancy has been an actor for over 25 years.  After attending Theatre school she moved to Vancouver to pursue her dream.  To this day she continues to perform on stage  and in TV/Film.  Her career has taken her and her films all over the world with various awards and honours.  Nancy has been teaching acting since 2001 and loves sharing her love of the craft with anyone who wants to learn.  It is a great life and career, full of amazing moments and passion driven projects.  She is thrilled to be part of this festival where she can witness and be inspired by actors, directors, or just anyone following their creative passions and dreams.

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Artistic Director
Gerald Williams
Stage Manager
Amber Scott
Administrative Manager
Theryl Grundy
Digital Marketing
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Willam Hacker
Outreach Manager
Alina Quarin
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