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A Vancouver's local theatre group since 2016

A Vancouver's local theatre group since 2015


2021 Programs

We are planning on the belief that restrictions on theatre will be lifted by June 2021. As a result About Love: A Festival of Short Plays is being planned.

What else is happening? Check back and see. Just like live theatre, there are always surprises!

For a while, please enjoy our past works you missed with our YouTube videos.

What happened in 2020?

Princess Dad

Play Series on Masculinity
Women on Men

We had plays for our April series Women on Men: Plays about Masculinity written by women. 
6  plays were chosen and began rehearsal and were unfortunately postponed until we are sure we can move ahead. We hope to resume that process once we are confident we can move ahead safely.

Tomo Suru Players

Tomo Suru Players is a group of actors, writers, directors in Vancouver, BC, who enjoy innovating and collaborating.


We are excited by works that stretch us as artists, that explore themes beyond the day-to-day, that engage and that entertain.

Theatre is a dialogue that begins within, and then engages, fellow actors, and then audiences. Engagement that can be a whisper or a scream!

Whisper something in our ear that’ll make us scream

Donate Tomo Suru Players Society

Tomo Suru Players Society is dedicated to providing opportunities for young people to experience theatre in the pursuit of enhancing their talent and career. With your donation we are able to maintain a high level of quality allowing more professional opportunities for our actors, our crew and our volunteers. Donations of $100 will grant two tickets to our annual About Love Festival of short plays.

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